The difference in my son Nate is unbelievable. Just two months and everyone who see’s him play is blown away by his progress. Worth every penny!
— Nate Siegel

“My Son started Revo 6 months ago and my wife and I saw results within 3 weeks. He enjoyed himself from the start even though the first week or two was hard for him. After he started feeling better about his performance he wanted to come more and more.”
— Kevin Klugewicz
Thank you Revo for all the hard work you have been putting me through. I have seen positive results in my strength and speed. Looking forward to see the results on the field. The training staff and facility is top notch and I wouldn’t compare this place to anywhere else. Thank you, all the Best!
— Robert McGee
“REVO has completely changed my game in regards to strength and speed. They turned me from a good athlete to a great one.”
— Luke Petrasek
“My Conyo Chiefs teammates and I just wanted to thank Revo Athletics and our great trainer Chris for introducing us to the world of speed and conditioning. We have seen a big difference in our strength and quickness on the field. The 2 years of winter work outs at Revo have helped us reach our goal of being a championship baseball team.110 wins and counting thank you.”
— David Falco Jr
“I honestly love coming to REVO. I feel like I have gotten stronger and quicker and I’ve increased my vertical. The       trainers have been very helpful. When I started to come to REVO 6 months ago, I would always doubt myself, but Don helped me get through that. Now I feel like I can do whatever Don puts me through.”
— Gabrielle Darnaby
“Training at Revolution Athletics is the most beneficial thing I have ever done, the knowledgable staff is what encourages me to be the best everyday. Every aspect of my hame has been tremendously improved, Revolution Athletics is the place to train if you want to take it to the next level.”
— James Higgins
“I’ve been going to REVO for about 2 years. It has helped me prepare for high school and for college. I have gotten a lot stronger and faster from going here. Its great, the workouts are hard and tiring. The speed classes are amazing. These are the ones that get you better. The trainers are great, they know what they’re talking about and teach you so you won’t mess up. REVO is a great place for athletes that want to become better and trainer to play at the next level.”
— Mike Marchello
“Revolution Athletics turned me from an ordinary athlete to an extraordinary athlete. I went from a regular center who got some playing time, to an All-State Zellner award winning linemen who never got off the field. I can truly say that Revolution Athletics has changed how I look, my confidence, and most importantly my performance not only on the football but on the mat.”
— Steven Mills - Sachem North
“Revolution Athletics has shaped the athlete I am today. Justin and the rest of the guys have positively motivated me to strive to be perfect. The program that I am currently on is incredible. It incorporates many different techniques including plyometrics, olympic lifting, yoga and Speed classes. Having coming here for the last 6 years, I believe without REVO I wouldn’t be half the athlete I am today. From all the work that I put in and the support from all the trainers, I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to play football at the next level.”
— Ryan Renfroe - CW Post/Connetquot
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— Claire C.

Hey fellas- wanted to send this over the weekend. I can’t express
My gratitude to your and the entire Revo staff. What an amazing place. A year ago Sunday Tyler tore his meniscus and went on to have surgery in July and although he didn’t miss camp or games he wasn’t right and then he ripped the labrum off his shoulder and had surgery in Nov. tough for any 16yo and come Feb I could tell he was getting depressed w/ having to sleep on a chair and not being able to do anything- plus getting out of shape. That first day back took a lot of convincing- and I tried to convince him the 1st day would be the hardest mentally. Here we are almost 4 months later, and he’s in tremendous shape and has never EVER been faster. Check out the clips I’ve posted from his last 2 camps. He’s destroying kids with FSU offers. During spring recruiting coaches came in and said he was projecting to play OL in college bc his get off and short area quickness, based on fall film wasn’t where it needed to be. That lasted less than a month. He’s been a killer at both camps.
Where he has grown mentally and physically the last few months is bc if your great staff. I know he’s been with you several years now, but this is the first time- he’s needed a family to pull him out of where he was. You guys are incredible. Golden is amazing. AMAZING! and a real champion for these kids, and a great teacher & mentor. Tyler is so ready at these camps when it’s 1v1 time. Anyway just wanted to let you guys know- there is no better place anywhere around and I thank you for all you’ve done so far for Tyler
— Jim Shanon