The difference in my son Nate is unbelievable. Just two months and everyone who see’s him play is blown away by his progress. Worth every penny!

Nate Siegel

Sports: Hockey/Lax

School: Smithtown

“My Son started Revo 6 months ago and my wife and I saw results within 3 weeks. He enjoyed himself from the start even though the first week or two was hard for him. After he started feeling better about his performance he wanted to come more and more.”

Kevin Klugewicz

Sports: Football, Lacrosse, Baseball

School: Pat - Med - River Elementary School



“If you have the desire and commitment to make the most of your athletic potential, Justin Kull and the training staff at Revolution Athletics will show you the way to maximize your abilities and train and play to attain your personal peak performance as an Athlete. 

Justin and the entire training staff are committed to understanding the challenges that each Revo athletes face, identifying areas / opportunities for improvement, and then taking a dynamic, progressive holistic approach to training Revo athletes to leverage their strengths and achieve dramatic improvements to what may once have been deficiencies in their training and on field mechanics / techniques. I have been a Revo athlete since winter 2010-2011, when I told my Dad I wanted to improve and be the best I could possibly be. My dad did some homework, and told me that if I wanted to get the most out of my athletic ability, then Revolution Athletics was the place we needed to be. 2 ½ years later, as I now prepare for my senior season I am continuing to make consistent training gains and achieving new PRs regularly, and I have seen this translate to vastly improved strength, speed and overall performance on the field. I attribute this success largely to the work I have done with and the commitment I have forged with Justin and the Revo training staff. 

Being good is never good enough, and if any athlete truly wants to be their personal best, it would be hard to find any place where you would have a better opportunity to work with a training staff that has better ability or is more committed to their athletes than Revolution Athletics. I you have any doubts, don’t take my word for it – just look in the newspapers and read about the HS athletes who are excelling. Chances are very good the athletes you are hearing about in the news and on MSG Varsity are making the commitment and maximizing their potential by training at Revolution Athletics. If you want to be your personal best, Revolution Athletics is the place to be to make it happen.”

Posted By: Christian Levatino
Sachem East Football


“REVO has completely changed my game in regards to strength and speed. They turned me from a good athlete to a great one.”

Posted By: Luke Petrasek
2012 Newsday Player of the Year


“My Conyo Chiefs teammates and I just wanted to thank Revo Athletics and our great trainer Chris for introducing us to the world of speed and conditioning. We have seen a big difference in our strength and quickness on the field. The 2 years of winter work outs at Revo have helped us reach our goal of being a championship baseball team.110 wins and counting thank you.”

Posted By: David Falco Jr.
                                               12u Conyo Chiefs Baseball Player


 “I honestly love coming to REVO. I feel like I have gotten stronger and quicker and I’ve increased my vertical. The       trainers have been very helpful. When I started to come to REVO 6 months ago, I would always doubt myself, but Don helped me get through that. Now I feel like I can do whatever Don puts me through.”

Posted By: Gabrielle Darnaby - Newfield Volleyball


“Training at Revolution Athletics is the most beneficial thing I have ever done, the knowledgable staff is what encourages me to be the best everyday. Every aspect of my hame has been tremendously improved, Revolution Athletics is the place to train if you want to take it to the next level.”

Posted By: James Higgins - Connetquot 1st Team All-Long Island Wide Receiver / CW Post


“I’ve been going to REVO for about 2 years. It has helped me prepare for high school and for college. I have gotten a lot stronger and faster from going here. Its great, the workouts are hard and tiring. The speed classes are amazing. These are the ones that get you better. The trainers are great, they know what they’re talking about and teach you so you won’t mess up. REVO is a great place for athletes that want to become better and trainer to play at the next level.”

                                               Posted By: Mike Marchello
                                               Sachem East Football – Wagner College


“Revolution Athletics turned me from an ordinary athlete to an extraordinary athlete. I went from a regular center who got some playing time, to an All-State Zellner award winning linemen who never got off the field. I can truly say that Revolution Athletics has changed how I look, my confidence, and most importantly my performance not only on the football but on the mat.”

Posted By: Steven Mills
                                               Sachem North / Newsday’s Zellner Award Winner for Best Lineman in Suffolk County


“Revolution Athletics has shaped the athlete I am today. Justin and the rest of the guys have positively motivated me to strive to be perfect. The program that I am currently on is incredible. It incorporates many different techniques including plyometrics, olympic lifting, yoga and Speed classes. Having coming here for the last 6 years, I believe without REVO I wouldn’t be half the athlete I am today. From all the work that I put in and the support from all the trainers, I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to play football at the next level.”

                                                Posted By: Ryan Renfroe
                                                Connetquot Football/ CW Post


“Revolution Athletics has become a home away from home for our 9 year old son. The staff there is welcoming and nurturing and has truly created an environment were all athletes feel like they are a star. Over the past nine months, our son has been forunate to work one-on-one with Chris. 

We came to Revolution because at an early age our son was diagnosed with motor planning difficulties among other things and has  struggled with team sports as a result. While he has always participated in team sports, his lack of speed, strength, balance and agility have all been quite noticeable when compared to the other children. In fact it was suggested that our son stick to individual sports. Our son however had a different plan and   gravitated to sports such as lacrosse and football.

Chris has been understanding of our son’s struggles and needs and has maintained a genuine interest and belief that our son can overcome these struggles through hard work and time. Since starting at REVO, we see the gap closing between him and his peers. Agility drills that once seemed impossible for our son, he can now tackle with ease. He is now faster, stronger, and most importantly displaying more confidence on and off the field. 

From the minute our son walks in that door he is bombarded with smiles, high fives and greetings. Our son stands a little taller and the smile is on his face is priceless as he gets ready to give it his all. REVO has truly been one of the best investments we have made for our child and his future success both on and off the field.” 

Posted By: Lisa & Brian Moynihan
REVO Parents


Thank you Revo for all the hard work you have been putting me through. I have seen positive results in my strength and speed. Looking forward to see the results on the field. The training staff and facility is top notch and I wouldn't compare this place to anywhere else. Thank you, all the Best!

Robert McGee - St Anthony's High School C/o 2020 

Sports: Football, Lacrosse, and Wrestling